Habit Change: It Won’t Be Easy

The Vintage Fitness personal training team attended the 2019 Canadian Fitness  Professionals conference (Canfitpro 2019)

The Vintage Fitness personal training team attended the Canadian Fitness Professionals conference a few weekends ago and we are still buzzing from all of the new things that we learned.

A few of the workshops that I attended talked about the different parts of the brain and how they relate to changing habits such as starting to become more active. In the short term we have all heard stories and watched shows about the body transformations but what happens in the long term?  By some estimates, 80% of people who successfully lose at least 10% of their body weight will gradually regain it to end up as large or even larger than they were before they went on a diet (webMD, Oct 14, 2016) .

Why are new habits such as eating healthier and becoming more active so hard to maintain? The answer goes back to the way our brains are structured.  Psychotherapy Networker (How the Evolution of the Human Brain has Led to the Existence of the Triune Brain) divides the brain into 3 parts:

  • Reptilian brain: responsible for homeostasis, and reproduction
  • Old-mammal”brain:involved with learning, memory, and emotion
  • New-mammal” brain: conscious thought and self-awareness

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