The Importance of Fitness in the Older Adult

Guest Blogger - Vintage Fitness Trainer Dee Simpon

Becoming active can energize our mood, relieve stress and anxiety

A big thanks to Vintage Fitness trainer, Dee Simpson, for writing blogs for the next two weeks.  Dee is an amazing example of how fit and healthy both in mind and spirit people can become as they age by staying active and having a positive attitude and passion for new things.  This week she explains why she thinks fitness is so important for older adults and next week she will give her top tips on how older adults can be successful with their exercise programs.

The Importance of Fitness in the Older Adult

Becoming active – especially as an older adult – can energize our mood, relieve stress and anxiety, help manage symptoms of illness and pain and improve our overall feelings of well being.

  • To keep independence in everyday living for as long as you possibly can.
    “Not adding years to your life but rather adding life to your years”
  • To allow you to continue doing all the things that you love to do – and to have the strength and courage and energy to learn new things as well.
  • To reduce the impact of illness and chronic disease – improving the immune system, which also help with High BP, obesity, digestive functions, loss of bone and muscle mass, some forms of cancer etc.
  • To reduce the risk of falling and fracturing and/or breaking bones
    • by creating stronger muscles, better flexibility, greater mobility and greater balance as well as increasing bone density. 
  • To increase stamina and energy
  • To improve your sleep – as exercise can help you fall asleep more quickly, sleep more deeply and waking up more energetic and refreshed.
  • For weight loss and/or weight maintenance – by increasing the metabolism (which decreases considerably as we age) by building more muscle mass which, in turn, burns more calories.
  • For the control and management of many medical conditions – such as Parkinson’s and osteo arthritis – exercise is paramount.
  • Exercise does  ‘Amazing things for your brain!’
    • helps reduce anxiety and depression
    • improves feelings of well-being
    • boosts mood and self-confidence
    • gives more energy with feelings of being more alert and sharper
    • helps prevent memory loss and some cognitive decline.

Asked my client Carol – an 82 year-old female who I’ve been training for three years – what she felt about the importance of fitness in her life – and how it had changed her: 

  • Confidence
  • Freedom
  • Feeling more able and ready and wanting to belong
  • Companionship and enjoying others
  • Happiness – with something to look forward to.

Good Luck!


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