What does gardening require of your body?

In the first week of Garden Fit I reviewed the most common garden injuries and how to prevent them.  This weeks’ focus is about what gardening does for your body.  One hour of active gardening is similar for your body as running four miles. (Telegraph, June 14 2008). 

Calories burned per hour:

  • watching television: 56 calories
  • digging in the garden: 322 calories
  • planting in the garden: 252 calories
  • weeding in the garden: 280

One of the great things about gardening is that is uses most parts of the body.


Muscles Used


Lifting pots and soil

Biceps, Legs and Back

If you are picking things up from the ground remember not to lean forward but bend your knees and use your legs

Planting and pushing a wheelbarrow

Legs and chest

Keep your shoulders relaxed as you push

Turning compost and weeding


Keep your core (abdominals and lower back) tight and take breaks every 20 minutes

Mowing the lawn

Heart and Legs

Pruning high bushes


In the next three weeks I will share exercise programs to get you ready for Gardening. If you are interested in having a Vintage Fitness personal trainer come to your house for a free exercise consultation drop me a note erin@vintagefitness.ca.

Good Luck!


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