Personal training can help people stay at home as they grow older

Personal training may not be the first thing that you think about when supporting a family member to live independently at home as they age but it can work wonders. One of the reasons that I started Vintage Fitness, an in home personal training company for older adults, 10 years ago is that I believe passionately in the power of exercise to transform lives. Our Vintage Fitness training team here in Toronto work with clients everyday so they are able to stay strong and flexible enough to stay at home.

One shining example is Margaret our 93 year old client who happily lives at home and can now climb her stairs with the support of her trainer, Wendy, to sort her clothes and extensive scarf collection. Margaret was quite weak when she started working with Wendy but with the right leg strengthening and balance exercise she is now safer and has more energy. It is a wonderful example of how people can get stronger at any age and we should not only work to make older adults lives easier with outside help but also work on maintaining independence skills.

If you are supporting an older adult who want to stay at home but is struggling a few things to think about are:

  1. Is their home fall proof? Take away loose rugs, make sure their bedside table can support their weight and they have a lite pathway to the bathroom at night, update eyeglass prescriptions and address any dizziness issues with their doctor.
  2. Are they able to get off the floor if they need to? Many Vintage Fitness clients want to keep their exercises seated or standing because getting on and off the floor is uncomfortable. If someone lives independently at home they need to be taught the progression of getting up and off the floor in stages and practice it regularly.
  3. Are they staying active? Health Canada guide for activity tailored for older adults recommends more activity than you may imagine. Here is the Guide
  4. Are they staying engaged and interested in their community? From our experience clients that stay connected, engaged and interested in their community have a much better time aging at home.
  5. Do they have the neck mobility to check their blind-spot? The advantage of blind spot assist in cars is fantastic but it is still important if your loved one is still driving they need to be able to easily check their blind spot.

If you are supporting an older adult that wants to stay at home and you think personal training could help drop me a note Vintage Fitness offers in home personal training in the Greater Toronto Area and Spirit 50 offers on-line and phone coaching.

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