5 tips to avoid eating the Halloween candy


 I love Halloween.  There is something about the simplicity of the event that makes me smile- no gift exchanges or endless formal luncheons, simply kids exploring their neighbours and an excuse for grown-up to be a bit silly.  Halloween candy is very tempting to munch on as it is bit sized pieces that creep up on you.

5 Tips to Avoid eating the Halloween Candy

  1. Give it away: Many catholic grade schools in Toronto run a Halloween Candy  drive during the first week of November  in partnership with Canadian Food for Children in Mississauga. Ask at your local school if they are participating.  Here are examples of a few schools that run the program in the east and west end of Toronto.
    East End: www.blessedsacramentcs.com/fundraising.html
    West End: Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic School
    32 Mongomery Road, Etobicoke, M8X-1Z4
    During the weeks of November 1 – 14, Our Lady of Sorrows School will again be participating in collecting extra Halloween candy. The sugar in the candy is needed to help jump start the metabolism of malnourished kids in Third World Countries and encourage them to eat food. Please send any unwanted candy to the school office where it will be picked up daily.
  2. Freeze it: As soon as the trick or treaters are finished for the evening pop left-over candy in the freezer to have as a small treat every so often.
  3. Eat it and then move: It is no surprise that Halloween candy is full of sugar and fat but have a look at this information about the top halloween treats: www.thedailymeal.com/infographic-ultimate-halloween-candy-guide. If you eat one of each of the top 29 treats you would have consumed 1936 calories, 254g of sugar and 66g of fat.  Play a game with yourself by doing a few exercises after every treat you munch on or go for a long walk tomorrow morning.
  4. Make it into a desert: There are tons of desert ideas the incorporate candy as a part of it. Create a special treat for your grandkids or next social event.
  5. Don't buy your favourite candy:  I try not to buy crunchie bars or twizzlers because I know that I can't resist them!  

Good Luck!

Erin Billowits

Vintage Fitness is an in home personal training company in Toronto, Canada.  We specialize in energizing the lives of people over 50 with exercise.


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