Make health goals not New Years Resolutions

Happy 2014! 

I always hesitate when writing about New Year Resolutions at the beginning of every year because so many of them don't work out.  I love the newness and energy of the new year and applaud any positive changes that people try to make it their lives.  I admit that every year in January I decide that I will drink less red wine...

So why do our New Years Resolutions fail and how can we make them more effective?

  1. They are dreams not goals-  most exercise resolutions sound more like dreams  than goals with no action plan associated with them.  Turn your current resolutions into a goal by making it very specific, time-bound and have someone that you are checking in with about the goal.
  2. Too focussed on weight- losing weight can be a great motivator to watch what we eat and exercise more regularly but a weight only goal gets boring  fast.  If you are hoping to lose weight in 2014 think not only about the magic weight loss number but how you will feel when you get there and what your body will be able to do a bit lighter that you can't do now.
  3. The same goal year after year- keeping the same goal year after year is demoralizing.  Keep your goal in a similar area but be so specific that you are working on a small part of a larger goal every year and can see and feel proud of your progress.

So how did I change my dream of "drinking less red wine"  this year to make it more likely to happen?  My 2014 goal is to only drink red wine when out at social functions with friends for January and February and I my husband and I are keeping each other accountable to the goal.

Good Luck with your exercise plans for 2014

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