Nordic Pole Walking Tips

It was three years ago this month that I became certified as a Nordic Pole Walking instructor. I was coordinating a fitness and nutrition program targeting individuals living with chronic disease and wanted to find a physical activity for my clients that was both invigorating and yet social and enjoyable at the same time…and that required no prior athletic ability. Nordic Pole Walking was the perfect answer as it combines the cardiorespiratory work of aerobic exercise with upper body strength training. In short, 90% of the body’s muscles are recruited during Nordic Pole Walking.

Since then, I’ve been teaching Nordic Pole Walking,  in the Greater Toronto Area,  to diverse groups of individuals. But my special focus is teaching Nordic Pole Walking to older adults. Why is it so ideal for older adults? The reasons are many, starting with the fact that regular pole walking can help in preventing the onset of chronic disease or help manage it for those living with chronic disease. The facts prove this out:
• Nordic Pole Walking burns 30% more calories than regular walking because it also provides an upper body strength training workout that targets the arms, chest, shoulders and back.
• It enhances posture, reduces impact on the knee and hip joint by 30%
• It also aids in balance, coordination and stability
• NPW reduces blood pressure, blood sugar levels and risk for cardiovascular disease
• Last but not least, Nordic Pole Walking is an excellent social activity as well, and research has shown that partaking in group activities, especially physically oriented ones, helps boost mood, cognitive ability and overall brain health

Best of all, in the three years I've been teaching it, everybody I've ever taught it to, takes to the sport immediately. It's that easy to learn and that much fun to do. To find out more about Nordic Pole Walking, to join a pole walking group or to set up a new group, please feel free to contact me, Lorne Opler, at: or call 647-860-4838.

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