Bone Density testing and Vintage Fitness on CBC National News Last Night

Good Morning,

I did an interview with the CBC national news last night about the potential changes in how often women over 65 have their bone density tested.  

The most important thing to track is your risk factors so that you can prevent or maintain your bone density.  Some of the biggest risk factors are smoking, inactivity and lack of key vitamins such as Vitamin D. 

My advice is to:

1. Talk to your doctor and understand your risk for osteoporosis at every visit

2. Weight train--this will help your balance as well as building bone density

3. Take 2000 IU of Vitamin D daily

4. Reduce your sitting time- woman over 65 that sit 9 hours a day or more are 50% more likely to fracture their hips than their more active counterparts that sit less than 6 hours a day


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