Why you should work with a personal trainer

On Friday I was interviewed by Global News Toronto and asked the question “why should seniors work with a personal trainer?” The question forced me to articulate the benefits that personal training can bring, especially for people over 50.

A personal trainer who is specialized to work with older adults should do a few key things:
1. Introduce safe weight bearing exercises and teach perfect form and technique to get the full benefits of strength training which less than 10% of Canadians over 65 do
2. Provide a ever-changing workout for clients to keep the body progressing and not stagnating by doing the same walk everyday
3. Motivate and inspire clients to keep working towards their health goals with a non-judgemental, positive attitude
4. Educate clients about top wellness issues and translate the latest scientific research into something that can be applied to their lives
5. Encourage accountability of new healthy lifestyle choices with tools such as food logging, meal planning and tracking of all workouts

Good Luck!
Vintage Fitness


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