What Happens as We Age and What to Do about It

What Happens as We Age and What to Do about It?

Physiological Changes Consequences What we can do

Brain / Cognition

  • Reduced due to neurodegeneration, medications and/or nutrient deficiencies, i.e thiamine or B1
  • Less efficient at absorbing B12
  • Eliminate/moderate alcohol 
  • Physical activity
  • Manage blood sugar levels
  • Reduce/quit smoking
  • Omega 3s; Vitamin E and folate
  • Eat foods rich in B12; supplement if necessary


  • Loss of muscle strength slows motility - constipation
  • Inflammation, increased bacteria growth and decreased acid output can impair digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Get lots of fiber
  • Hydration
  • Probiotics (digestion & immunity)
  • Less saturated and trans fats; more phytochemicals (plants)


  • Levels tend to decrease due to nutrient deficiencies, sedentary lifestyle and hormonal changes
  • Appetite decreases while our need for nutrients increases
  • Iron levels change - up in women post-menopause but can also decrease
  • Reduced sense of thirst can lead to dehydration
  • Eat more nutrient-dense foods - adequate protein, carbs, healthy fats
  • Targeted supplements if required
  • Hydration - 2-3 litres/day or 8-12 cups 


  • Changes in sex drive, mood
  • Decreases in estrogen and progesterone levels in women, and testosterone in men 
  • Produce less insulin which may increase blood sugar levels
  • Increase physical activity - acts like insulin to moderate blood sugar 
  • Balanced diet


  • Tends to decline with age
  • Increased risk of illness/infection due to decrease in lymphocytes and increase in inflammatory cytokines
  • Omega 3s (anti-inflammatory)
  • Phytochemicals (anti-oxidants 


  • Reduced appetite, enzyme/acid secretion, nutrient absorption and blood sugar control
  • Increase physical activity - acts like insulin 
  • Supplement if necessary


  • Loss of strength, lean (muscle) mass and flexibility due to reduced activity
  • Physical activity - use it or lose it!

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