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Personal Trainer Frieda Wahl, Scarborough area

Frieda Wahl

Personal Trainer with Vintage Fitness since 2015

Scarborough area

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  • Canfitpro: Fitness Specialist Certification.
  • Canfitpro: Training Older Adults Specialist Certification
  • Nutrition and Weight Loss Qualifications
  • Canfitpro: Common Medical Conditions and Exercise Prescription for the Older Adult
  • Canadian Arthritis Society: Arthritis of the Hip and Knee, Arthritis of the Hand, Arthritis of the Neck and Back
  • Osteoporosis Canada: Bone Fit Training

What Her Clients Say

I really enjoyed my training sessions with Frieda. She was able to assess my limitations and worked around them as well as strengthened muscles to facilitate those issues. I gained in strength and flexibility during these sessions which was my initial goal.


Map of Service Area

Frieda trains, adults 50 plus in Scarborough area.

Scarborough area: From Don Valley Parkway on the West to Rouge River (Pickering) on the East and from Steels on the North to Lake Ontario on the South

Frieda is a retired teacher, who after over 20 years in the classroom has embraced a second career as a personal trainer. With certification as a Personal Trainer Specialist, a certificate in Training Older Adults and a Nutrition and Weight Loss expert, her goal is to help her clients, of all ages, to stay fit and healthy. She uses resistance training, directs and supports proper eating habits and weight management, thus avoiding health issues related to inactivity and over weight. Frieda enjoys challenging her clients to improve their functional strength in order to keep them active well into their older years..

Frieda's Hobbies

Frieda enjoys strength training and running, having completed several marathons. As an added activity she ballroom dances several times a week


Frieda speaks English and German

Frieda talks about her approach

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