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Personal Trainer Tarun Chauhan, Brampton, ON

Tarun Chauhan


Personal Training & Virtual training


  • Certified ACE Personal Trainer

  • First- Aid and CPR (Level C)


English, Punjabi and Hindi

What His Clients Say

I had Tarun as my trainer and he has helped me achieve things I never knew I could. I had spinal curvature issue due to which I was unable to do my daily tasks with a constant feeling of being stressed and missing out on things! He made effective exercise sessions that have helped me to improve my body posture and flexibility. I was able to clearly see results within 6 months of training.

All Thanks to Tarun as his gentle approach to each training session has helped me in building my confidence with his constant motivation he ensures that I reach my goals and maintain them.

I would highly recommend him to those who are looking to work on their fitness.

Seema Gupta

I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, helping and changing people's lives since 2018. I have fine experience of working with aging population, and I believe, growing population of older adults is seeking to gain strength and vitality while warding off inactivity-related disease and cognitive decline—and I can help them achieve their goals, moreover, I teach them how to safely and effectively maintain vibrancy through health and fitness.. Likewise, I discovered a holistic approach to both body and brain health, combining rapport-building, behaviour change, exercise programming and cognitive health because most older adults are impacted by some type of age-related chronic illness, injury or cognitive decline. I am passionate about my work and possess the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to design safe and effective fitness programs.

"Adopting any lifestyle-modification program, including exercise, requires an individual to break old habits and develop new ones. The motivation to start a new program can come from any source, such as concern over health, an upcoming event, wanting to look better, and peer pressure. The most important factor, however, in starting an exercise program is the individual. A person cannot be coerced into starting to work out, but he or she must be somewhat ready to make a change."

Map of Service Area

Tarun trains senior clients in Brampton, Georgetown, Milton

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