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Our trainer, Dee, is fantastic.
We really enjoy your service and working out with Dee has done wonders for us!! Thanks so much!

Margot and Shaun

My father is very proud of himself and is committed to keeping it up.
This is the best money I have ever spent on a gift for my Dad.
I have no doubt that we'd be dealing with a much different situation if it weren't for Wendy and the relationship she built with him, the confidence she helped build in him, and the awareness of what he is still capable of at nearly 80 years old.
I can't thank both of you enough.


I also want to note that Wendy is a fabulous trainer, just the right combination of push and encouragement. And very adaptive to the materials and space at hand, as well as our individual needs.

Laurie Toronto

Over the years, I have joined numerous gyms but nothing took.  So when my children recently decided I needed a fitness program, I opted for a personal trainer. Erin assessed me and set up a personal program based on my age and my abilities. I quickly discovered that I was unlikely to follow it because I travel so frequently - so Erin modified the program.
I have been very impressed by her adaptability and knowledgeability. I don't have a cookie cutter routine; I have a personal one. Erin is also encouraging, always smiling and always ready to make useful suggestions and modifications. I would recommend this type of program to anyone looking for a personalized and flexible fitness regime.

Andrew Toronto

I have been training with Lorne in the pool and on land for a few months. Both the pool and the land exercises are great. I am certainly far more conscious of just how often I try to exercise now and even when walking I keep remembering how to walk more comfortably and safely. I find myself doing more exercise on my own since I started working with Lorne.

Ann Abraham Toronto

I was amazed with the response and help I got from Erin in 2013 when I was looking for a PT for my 16 year old son who’s DS. His OT was about to discharge him from her services since she said that there wasn’t much more she could help him with (he’s totally independent and high functioning). However our major concern and a future goal for him was weight loss. His OT suggested a few websites and believe it or not only Erin responded promptly!!

After several discussions with Erin she was able to find – in hindsight I have to say – a perfect fit for him. Erin suggested Wendy Palmieri who’s been working with Reyaz for 19 months now. Wendy is just an amazing trainer who’s a very professional, kind and caring person. Reyaz looks forward to seeing her weekly and they have great sessions together. We’ve learned a lot from Wendy’s suggestions and insight and we’ve been very happy with this relationship so far. At times I think Reyaz and Wendy have too much fun during their sessions, but that’s the way she is – it has to be fun so that you enjoy what you’re doing but always in a professional manner.

I would recommend Wendy not only for what she specializes in – training over 50+, but anyone who’s got a disability and needs a caring trainer. Thank you both for being such wonderful professionals.

Camile Etobicoke, Toronto

My husband and I have been recently working with Wendy Palmieri. She did a fantastic job of setting us up with an individual program which took into account our medical issues and fitness level but also the goals we had in mind. The program was easy to adopt and ramped us into a better level of fitness safely and without pain. Wendy is positive, encouraging and flexible. It’s terrific to be able to work with people who understand the special needs we older people have and can still achieve realistic improvements. We’ll be working with Wendy on an ongoing basis.
Thanks, Vintage Fitness!

Peg Perry Toronto

I am enjoying my sessions very much, my balance is slowly improving. Last Monday, we did exercises in the pool, that I enjoyed very much. Olena is very nice and easy to work with.

Sharon Cooper North York

Lorne Opler has been my personal trainer for in-pool training for some three months. He has been imaginative and creative in developing a program for me to improve my mobility, with the goal of enabling me to walk again following serious neck surgery. His work has aided my progress in improving my strength, balance, and coordination.

Phil Boswell, Aquatic Exercise at the Briton House Retirement Residence Toronto

You are a great trainer! You understand how to train someone who is not 22! You are patient, friendly and encouraging. I was more comfortable working with you than I've ever been with another trainer.

Joanne Etobicoke

When I first began my personal training session with Olena, I was a couch potato and other than walking, I did not do any exercises. Coming into my senior years, I wanted to strengthen my body, my bones and my heart and I knew getting a personal trainer would motivate me to exercise. I really enjoyed my years of training with Olena as she made the sessions most enjoyable, many times hard, but her warm personality, her commitment and knowledge helped motivate me. The information and knowledge she imparted about the body and muscles were most helpful as she explained what the exercises were accomplishing. Because she loves what she does, she pushed you to try your best.

Dale Rossman Toronto

Wow! Wendy, you made me feel relaxed. You're completely unintimidating but still helped me to push myself. I truly appreciated how you'd check my form. I never once worried about injury. Your fitness knowledge is impressive.

Adele Toronto

I've been working with Erin, and then Leigh, for almost two years and it's been great. They both have a warm, empathetic approach and have developed very effective cardio and strength-training programs for me. I enjoy the sessions and am definitely much stronger since I started with them. I highly recommend Vintage Fitness for a personalized, effective approach to fitness!


Marlee has been my personal trainer and yoga instructor for two years. She always takes the time before each session to ask how I am, if there is anything happening in my life that she should be aware of (aches, injuries, daily stresses) to ensure the workout meets my individual needs and personal goals. During each workout/class she takes the time to correct form, if necessary, and encourages you that you can “ push” a little harder to get the results you are striving for. She is right with you from beginning to end. After each workout with Marlee, I feel energized and any negative thoughts are put back in perspective. She is very dedicated and passionate about her profession and anyone who is trained/taught by Marlee will develop a healthier outlook on life. Feeling good and confident about yourself is a beautiful feeling…
thank you Marlee.

Jan Hutchison Toronto

Lorne is very good about setting fitness goals…Lorne really cares…he appreciates the challenges that come with aging and is supportive and engaging in his approach. My dad does seem in better condition.

Helen Bredin – client's daughter

Thank you for helping me get into a new and healthier lifestyle! I may never love working out, but you make the experience much more enjoyable. Your excitement and positive reinforcement for getting fit has rubbed off.

Anne Toronto

The gift certificate for Vintage Fitness from my daughter got me started on a wonderful journey that I wasn't expecting or asked for! I was hesitant at first but I can't believe the wonderful changes that have occurred. Working with Erin has given me the confidence to work at getting healthier through exercise, good diet and determination. I have lost weight, my blood pressure has dropped, I feel more energetic and best of all I am motivated to keep it up! I highly recommend Vintage Fitness and value Erin's expertise in knowing what is best for my body, updating my program and keeping me on track.

Cathy Kelly Toronto

I have been receiving personal training from Vintage Fitness in my condo exercise room since 2005. Having had a few falls and some broken bones while in my early 60s, I knew I needed to change something in my life. Erin did a comprehensive assessment, and then we began together to address weaknesses and build strength. For a while, we met twice a week, and then once a week when my husband entered semi-retirement and decided to join in. My aerobic capacity and stamina have increased, balance is greatly improved ( no more falls) and I function better around the house. Bonus: I can keep up with my two young grandchildren. Working out, first with Erin and then with Leigh, is a lot of fun, too. Vintage Fitness has remained part of my weekly routine because I can see the benefits in my daily life.

Brenda Lang Toronto

Vintage Fitness trainers motivated me to stick with my exercises, provided lots of variety including a few sessions in the condo pool and tracked my successes

Nancy Schroder Etobicoke

Training with you, Wendy, is so much fun! You challenge me but always find workarounds when my knees or shoulders are acting up. I'm now off all blood pressure medication. I even lost a few pounds. This is life changing!

Sandra Toronto

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